That time I became a meme.

That time I became a meme Back in August of 2009 I posted a selfie after cutting off my long hair. My creative colleagues decided it was the perfect opportunity to give me a hard time. The Photoshop jobs just kept on coming. Eventually, even my old college buddies started getting in on the action. […]

Our family is growing

Hard to believe that 12 years after the birth of our youngest child we would be adding another, but here we go. Long story short, our son Gavin’s friend Shihi has moved in with us. If all goes as planned, then he will soon officially be a part of the family. Sure things will be […]

Unemployment: Day 2 – Health insurance runs out today

Some of the more difficult pieces of the layoff process are going down today. As of this morning, my family no longer has health insurance. I’ll blog about my experience with the Obamacare process at a later date, but we made sure to take my kids to the doctor yesterday for one last checkup before we’re […]

One of those life-changing moments

Dove shit on my laptop

Lost my job today, and a bird just shit on my laptop. Ya, I’ve had better days. Honestly, I knew this was coming for a long time. I feel like I’ve been dodging bullets at work for years as the layoffs kept coming and I watched dozens of my friends vanish from the office. It […]

Credit where credit is due

I think the hardest part about being an Art Director for me is the feeling that I’m taking credit for someone else’s work when I put samples in my portfolio. Obviously I had a part in the process, but I want to be sure to give complete credit to the talented designers and writers whom […]