Credit where credit is due


I think the hardest part about being an Art Director for me is the feeling that I’m taking credit for someone else’s work when I put samples in my portfolio. Obviously I had a part in the process, but I want to be sure to give complete credit to the talented designers and writers whom I have had the honor to work with.


  • Wendy Limroth, Graphic Designer
  • Sara Babb, Graphic Designer
  • Joann Leger, Graphic Designer
  • Felix Tirado, Graphic Designer
  • Sharn Pisterna, Graphic Designer
  • Alex Barerra, Graphic Designer
  • Jason Holloway, Graphic Designer


  • Kris Dunlap, Copywriter
  • Ben Lippel, Copywriter
  • Patricia Lee Como, Copywriter
  • Bill Sypher, Copywriter
  • Amy Small, Copywriter


That time I became a meme.

That time I became a meme Back in August of 2009 I posted a selfie after cutting off my long hair. My