Our family is growing

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Hard to believe that 12 years after the birth of our youngest child we would be adding another, but here we go.

Long story short, our son Gavin’s friend Shihi has moved in with us. If all goes as planned, then he will soon officially be a part of the family.

Sure things will be tight in our 3 bedroom/2 bath house, but as my wife likes to say “we’ll never be bored”.

The good news is that everything is going smoothly so far in these first few days. Endless calls and meetings with ChildNet, Child Protective Services, doctors, psychiatrists, and a judge – but it will all be worth it if we can help this boy.

My wife had always said she wanted to foster a child, and it appears as though the universe was listening. Wish us luck! Any advice from parents of adopted children is much appreciated.


That time I became a meme.

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