Unemployment: Day 2 – Health insurance runs out today



Some of the more difficult pieces of the layoff process are going down today. As of this morning, my family no longer has health insurance. I’ll blog about my experience with the Obamacare process at a later date, but we made sure to take my kids to the doctor yesterday for one last checkup before we’re out in the unknown. I have three kids, and up until today I’ve been fortunate enough to always have health insurance through my employer. Getting the kids covered is my top priority.

I have to file for unemployment today. I’m sure that will be an interesting process, as well. More fodder for the blog pages.

My company cell phone was cut off yesterday — wasn’t expecting that so soon. I’m told I can keep my phone number, but this has proven to be more trouble than I expected. I lost most of my contacts when they cut me off from the Outlook Server. So friends, be sure to text me and tell me who you are so that I can repopulate my address book. The good news is that I’m eligible for all kinds of deals as I’ll be a new client for some lucky carrier, but I may just hop on Jenna’s Sprint plan. Off to the Sprint store after picking the kids up from school.

I also have to return my signed Separation Agreement to HR in order to get my severance payment. At least I have some vacation days to be paid out as well, so in a few weeks I should get a decent check.

On the upside, I did have my first job interview this morning. Although the salary was too low, it was good to be back out showing off my work and talking about my career path. At the same time, it makes me miss the great people I’ve worked with for so long. Bittersweet, it is.

Time to crack another beer, take my place by the pool and get back to brushing up my portfolio.


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